What idea is powerful enough to heal the relationship between humans and nature?

Sigtuna, Sweden May 10-11, 2019

Sigtuna, Sweden, May 10-11, 2019
Sigtuna, Sweden, May 10-11, 2019

Connect with the most impactful idea of today!

Online participation at Earth Rights Conference

We invite you to take part of the international Earth Rights Conference Online. The conference is taking place in Sigtuna, Sweden, but we´d like the whole world to be there! So, this year we are hosting the whole conference online, where you as a participant will be curated for with the aim to give you a full experience of the conference online. Together with a team of hosts, the online conference will be a participatory event connecting you with the most impactful idea for healing the relationship between people and nature of today and some of the world leaders of the field.


Participants will take part of the live-stream through the Zoom webinar platform where your host David Bennett will guide the event, creating an interactive space. You will get online exclusive material with the keynote speakers as well as the organizers, special guests and other attendees sharing their reflections on what is going on. You will have the possibility to share your own reflections within the webinar platform and get the chance to ask questions from some of the keynote speakers as well.

The online conference includes;

  • Streaming of all the plenary sessions
  • Online interactive platform with online host David Bennett
  • Exclusive interviews, talks, shares from the keynotes, organizers and other guests of the conference, with on-site host Arci Pasanen
  • A chance to connect to with others working with rights of nature both locally and globally.

We are looking so much forward to seeing you there!


”Just as human beings have human rights, all other beings also have rights which are specific to their species or kind and appropriate for their role and function within the communities within which they exist.”

from the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth

Schedule live – online

Time Live Online
9.30 Coffee and registration Welcome and check-in
10.00 We are here. Welcome and introduction Following the live stream
10.30 Henrik Hallgren: Ecological Jurisprudence: Going beyond Mechanistic Law
10.40 Keynote 1 – Mari Margil: The Lake Erie Bill of Rights – People rising for nature in the US
11.00 Keynote 2 – Gabriela Eslava: The story of children suing the State of Colombia over climate change – making The Amazon as a living breathing entity with Rights
11.20 Singing & movement Singing, movement and bio-break
11.25 Panel discussion: To address climate change, does Culture need a new relationship with Nature? Following the live stream
11.55 Information
12.00 Lunch Reflections and lunch
13.00 A meeting with Mother Earth – outdoor activity Online meeting with Mother Earth
13.45 Parallel workshops Workshop: Rights of Nature for Land Owners: Partnership with the land
15.15 Break Break
15.50 Before the tribunal – thoughts from Doris Ragetti
16.00 Tribunal on the Rights of Lake Vättern Following the live stream with short commentaries from the following:
16.30 Tribunal thoughts: Mari Margil
17.15 Tribunal thoughts: Gabriela Eslava
18.00 Break After tribunal thoughts: GARN
19.00 Dinner
20.50 Polly Higgins legacy:
Peder Karlsson
21.00 Remembrance circle for Polly Higgins





9.00 Welcoming and check-in
9.10 Tribunal on the Rights of Lake Vättern – decision from the judges Following the live stream
9.55 Singing and movement
10.00 Tom Goldtooth: Peace with the Earth: indigenous perspectives on Rights of Nature
10.30 Coffee Meet Tom Goldtooth
11.00 Parallel workshops Workshop: Earth Rights, Sápmi and Indigenous Leadership – Next Steps
12.30 Lunch
13.20 Reflections
13.30 Ecocide in Sapmi – a report  Following the live stream
14.20 Interactive session on going forth Online interactive session on going forth
15.00 Closing
15.30 Final words from the organisers:
Pella Thiel, Peder Karlsson


“A true “right of the environment” does exist.”

Pope Francis to the UN, September, 2015